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Ethically and sustainably sourced

The clothes we wear should bring us comfort, but the way they’re made should also bring wellbeing and prosperity – to people and planet. It’s easy to point fingers at the clothing industry when some of their more egregious practices surface – but who really knows just how the clothes we wear on our backs right now were produced? It’s an amazing feeling wearing clothes that we know we can feel good about in every way – and it might not take long to have others wanting the same for themselves. This is fashion after all. We’re just redefining the concept of fashion.

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Studying the psychology of fashion

Many women know from a gut level that the ideals set by the fashion world generate suffering. Many teenagers can attest to that too, whether their following the latest trends or not. But what can we do about it? How to work with a world that all too often sexualizes the human body? The truth is, we need to redefine sexy. But for that, we need to dive deep into the psychology of it all, understanding the subtle undercurrents created by how people dress. Here we begin an exciting journey beyond judgment and repression, towards the liberation of the human spirit.

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New models for new times

This is a platform for new approaches. From new models for producing and financing clothing, to the way we present ourselves to the world through what we wear, we take into consideration all innovative ideas. How would a line of T-shirts best act as a conduit for bringing people back into presence? How can clothing itself help people understand the pressures that women go through to conform to a certain idealized body type? What mass movements are worth supporting through clothing? There is endless potential here.

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